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There are absolutely hundreds of different tips and techniques provided by professionals and SEO companies that if implemented correctly will increase the ranking of your website and over time put your website on the top ten search results of Google and other top search engines.

Quite often this will involve making changes in the structure and design of the website using industry tested SEO typology. Throughout the IA SEO website we have tried to provide an insight to what IA SEO believes to be sound advice in achieving your goals.

With Google, Bing and Yahoo changing their algorithms frequently it is hard to keep ahead, however, if you follow a few basic tips for yourself you will go some way to start achieving a good page ranking.

Avoid the following

Sneaky redirects, scraped content, pages with malicious behaviour, hacked content and automatically generated content.

Do the following to achieve natural rankings

SEO Friendly Website Design:

The website design should be planned as per the SEO guidelines in Google admin; it must be search engine friendly to be taken seriously by the search engine spiders. If your website is already in place and has not already been indexed be prepared to re-write some or all of content to suit you chosen keywords and modify structure. You may also have to familiarise yourself with page re-directs or htaccess redirects if the site structure changes.

Research about competitors:

Improve your knowledge of your subject or business area by conducting detailed research on your competition and the niche on which you have targeted your website. It is important not to copy your competitors website content but to be aware of the density of others keywords in comparison to your own content.

Research Keyword:

Finding the right keywords is perhaps the most important decision you will have to make, this will affect your website content and for this you must conduct comprehensive keyword research. Do not be drawn into choosing very common search keywords, stay specific to your subject and to the location in which you work. You may want to consider using ‘long tail’ keywords that have far less competition. There are many keyword research tools available.

Unique website content:

Again a very important factor; you must write unique content for your website. It should be 100% plagiarism free and offer accurate and useful information that will keep you clients coming back. The content should be interesting and where possible, interactive so that it is responsible for increased traffic on your website.

Submission of articles in directories:

Try to find time to submit unique articles on subjects concerning your website content and get these submitted to various article directories that are SEO friendly. Links back to your site are the foundation to getting a good page rank, as your page rank increases your position will increase too. Remember that the more informative your articles are the more likely webmasters will allow them link back to your website.

Refreshing Content:

Content is king, your site should be regularly updated with interesting content that encourages visitors to comeback repeatedly in search of authentic information.

It is that simple!

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