Social media provides online marketers with new channels as well as new tools that go beyond basic on page optimisation and link building. To boost your online visibility and enable you to effectively reach a wider range of audience, IA SEO offers online marketing services that integrates social media with search engine optimisation.

Social media marketing and SEO

The target audience now does not just go online to consume content. They go online to make it and they do so through tweets, blog posts, comments, reviews, videos and images. Social web applications have made it so easy for anyone to produce and disseminate content. It is this essential point that differentiates social media marketing from traditional methods. (External Resource)

In the old way of marketing, the audience is positioned as merely the receiver of the marketing message. Social media however empowers them to be participants and may in fact even help distribute the message further, possibly modifying it along the way to fit into their specific needs. Customer engagement and managing relationships plays a more crucial role in social media.

The crucial factor in all this is of course establishing trust and this is often achieved by providing relevant, useful and attention-grabbing content. One of the advantages of social media is that marketers can more easily figure out what their target audience actually wants or finds interesting. People voice out their thoughts on social sites and organisations can quickly discern how they relate with their brand. From there a more grounded engagement plan can be formulated.

The significant intersections in social media space that the marketer initiates and develops are the customer’s online activities that have something to do with the brand. One member of social networking site for example might post pictures of the product. Others will then probably comment or share the post with those of their respective social circles. Soon enough the message is spread across a wide field and it only took minimal effort and cost.

The impact of social media is such that major search engines like Google find it necessary to upgrade their search algorithm to accommodate this new phenomenon. With the inclusion of social signals, the boundary between social media marketing and SEO is all but completely blurred.

Search engines crawl and index social media sites. Your presence in them can therefore influence your visibility on search engine results pages. Imagine the effect to your website’s link profile when a simple tweet with a backlink to your site gets re-tweeted. The techniques of optimising the content you’re spreading depend on the social media channel or platform you’re using. Executed correctly they can all increase your search visibility and boost traffic.

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