SEO companies have learned to adapt new methods of Internet marketing in this current social media era. In providing you with a complete solution that will raise your online visibility and site traffic, IA SEO integrates social bookmarking in its services.

Social bookmarking and SEO

One of the typical behaviours of online users when they come across a webpage or site they find interesting is to email their friends with a link to that page or site. That email message likely contains a short commentary or explanation of what the link is all about. This is essentially social bookmarking – people sharing references to online content and in the process of sharing, adding their own bits that augment the shared content.

In the current Web 2.0 landscape, there are now specialised sites that specifically cater to this activity. Users in social bookmarking sites label or tag the content they share. These tags eventually form the basis for organizing, categorizing and searching the whole repository of references. In this sense social bookmarking sites function similarly to search engines except that the database is naturally structured by humans.

The features of such sites usually allow for other social activities. Users can comment on bookmarked content, rate it for its quality, or even vote for which content within a certain category has the most relevance, usefulness or interest. Social bookmarking sites can be varied in their features and scope. Some may accommodate a broad range of topics while others may focus on specific areas such as news-related content.

In terms of online marketing, social bookmarking provides another opportunity for organizations to spread their content across the web. Instead of staying in one venue waiting for people to find you and what you have to offer, why not go out to where people naturally gather and deliver your message there. When you make yourself visible in various social channels, you increase the chances of getting traffic. External Resource

Participating in social bookmarking is a simple way to build backlinks for your site. Take note however that the quality of such links will often depend on how prominent you are in that social site. This implies a continuous involvement then which requires constantly offering quality content that your target audience will find interesting.

Beyond the simple objective of link building, a strong presence in social channels improves your site’s social signals. Your chances for being perceived as a trustworthy resource naturally improve when people increasingly reference your content. As you may know, this is now a significant factor calculated by search algorithms. It may seem a bit indirect, but positive social bookmarking efforts do eventually lead to search engine optimisation benefits.

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