Getting the basics of SEO right for your website

If you are looking for creative business that specialises in SEO in essex and london! That’s us.

We have been designing SEO friendly website since 1996. We are SEO experts and the proof is in the pudding; just search for “SEO company” and you’ll see us regularly ranking in first and second position.

The best SEO marketing is genuinely organic and natural. We also appreciate that it is not a single entity; it is a component of many different aspects of a business. SEO can be affected by anything from code to content to social media and much more. So, whenever we put an SEO strategy together for a client, we carefully consider all of the elements.
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SEO marketing – best practice

The basics of SEO

Once upon a time, SEO marketing was all about cramming your content with keywords and getting as many links as possible. But Google is older and wiser now. Instead of trying to outsmart Google we consider: what we would want if we were Google? And how can we provide the best possible experience for users? We’re humans and we approach Search Engine Optimisation from a human perspective.

How often do you check your own site for spelling errors, typos and broken links?

Quality content is a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm, so we think it’s important to know exactly what’s happening with your site. That’s why we like to regularly perform both onsite and offsite checks, just to make sure everything is correct and that there are no spammy sites linking to you.

From competitor analysis to link building, from keyword strategy planning to onsite optimisation, we carry out in-depth SEO audits to ensure no stone is left unturned; SEO marketing is as complex and multi-faceted as the web itself and ignoring a key component, however small, could have big consequences.

What SEO success looks like

We deliver success. While other SEO agencies might shy away from high search volume keywords, we’re not afraid to optimise for highly competitive terms. That’s how we’ve got to number one in Google for the term “dating” and National Accident Helpline to number one for “no win no fee”.

Today, successful SEO marketing is about being a good business and showcasing that through your digital footprint.

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IA SEO has over 17 years of search engine optimisation, web design, marketing and corporate design experience with a varied client base. We specialise in HTML, PHP, flash, e-commerce, content managed websites and customised systems that streamline your business process. We have developed our own SEO reporting systems and software to ensure that everything we do is optimised for your benefit.

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