IA SEO is a premier SEO company that does not just improve your website traffic but it strives to get you new customers as well. Through our extensive knowledge and use of proven tools and techniques, we will help you achieve an online visibility that can actually make a difference to your business.

Traffic and Conversion

CRO ~ Conversion Rate Optimisation

Let us say you have put up a bricks-and-mortar store; You chose a good location and set up an attractive shop, you do some advertising and soon enough you are getting a fair amount of people walking in. People are entering your store and perusing the merchandise on display, but somehow the cash register is not ringing as frequently as you expected. What could be wrong?

This is the main question that conversion rate optimisation (CRO) tries to answer. Websites can turn out to be just like that hypothetical store. It can have a lot of visitors but very few are staying and buying in. SEO is about getting traffic. But just because someone finally reaches your website that does not necessarily mean he or she is going to sign up for membership, purchase the product or service you are offering, or participate in whatever objective you have planned for your site. (WIKI)

Optimising Conversion

CRO is the next step after search engine optimisation. The aim is to convert visitors into customers. The word “customers” might give the impression that this type of optimisation applies only to e-commerce websites. But there are actually a wide range of conversion goals and the commercial is only one of them.

It largely depends on what you want to accomplish with your website. Getting visitors to sign-up for a newsletter is a just as legitimate a conversion goal as bringing them all the way to the shopping cart. It is up to you to define what your intermediate and final objectives are and from there decide on the best course of action to achieve it.

Optimising a website’s conversion rate mostly involves adjusting on site elements – navigational structure, page layout and design, promotional copy and informational content, images and other media, etc. But naturally before any tweaking can be done, there has to be data gathering and analysis.

One has to formulate a clearer picture of the target audience, particularly of their online behaviour and how they are likely to experience your website. Armed with that knowledge, it is then time to test which actual elements are relevant and figure out how they need to be improved in relation to your conversion goals.

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