Online advertising has a far greater reach than any effort that uses traditional tri-media. The additional advantage is that it does not have to cost as much as typical forms of offline advertising. This is largely due to what is known as the pay per click or PPC model (also known as cost per click). As a premier SEO company, IA SEO is fully equipped and experienced to handle your PPC advertising campaigns leaving you more time to focus on your core business.

How does Pay Per Click work?

PPC ~ Pay Per Click

Pay per click is a pricing model and the basic mechanism is that the advertiser pays the publisher (website owner) only when the ad is clicked. Imagine joining a gym but you’re only charged for use of the facilities every time you lose a certain amount of weight. Advertising cost is largely based on the performance of the advertisement. (PPC More Resource)

Publishers can be individual content sites who agree to host ads. A more common venue is a search engine’s results pages.

With the former a flat rate payment scheme is usually arranged, that means there’s a fixed cost for every click of a particular ad. The rate may vary though depending on which part of the site the ad is to be placed. Pages with content that generates high traffic have higher rates than pages with low traffic.

For search engine results pages, a bid-based PPC arrangement is implemented. Since there are always more than a few advertisers targeting the same keyword, they will have to bid on that keyword to determine whose ad gets displayed on the results page. These ads are the separately highlighted areas known as sponsored links. The whole bidding process is automated via programs and online tools. It is triggered every time a user executes a search using the keyword being bid upon.

What are the benefits of PPC?

Since costs are based on performance, organizations running an advertising campaign through PPC have more room to manoeuvre and manage their marketing costs. One of the great things about campaigning online is that you can quickly monitor performance and measure results. There are a lot of free and paid web-based applications that you can utilize for this purpose.

Executed correctly PPC advertising is also an effective way to boost targeted traffic and conversion for your site. Any user who clicks on a banner ad or sponsored link knows what it is and has at least a small intention to purchase or sign up for whatever it is you’re offering at the end of that link.

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