Reduce your online marketing charge

IA SEO is an accomplished SEO company that engages in software development and design as well as management. We have helped numerous enterprises garner optimum online visibility through our bespoke search engine optimisation solutions and proprietary web applications.

Reduce your online marketing charge

Online startups are once again in the boom as more and more consumers now prefer to purchase their needs via the web. And it looks like this trend might just end up becoming the norm as it is more convenient for shoppers, as well as more economically viable for companies.

This development is auspicious for those looking to maximise the marketing potential of the web. But as with any business operation, the name of the game is always the availability of funds.  And those who succeed in the endeavour are generally the ones which have lots of funds to spare.

But this is not to say that small businesses do not stand a chance against mammoth companies with billions of resources at their disposal. In fact, a small startup enterprise can very well launch an efficient online marketing campaign through the use of cost-effective web applications.

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IA SEO is Subsidiary of Internet Assist limited, we have over 17 years of search engine optimisation, web design, marketing and corporate design experience with a varied client base. We specialise in HTML, PHP, flash, e-commerce, content managed websites and customised systems that streamline your business process. We have developed our own SEO reporting systems and software to ensure that everything we do is optimised for your benefit.