B.Content Management

Businesses have varying requirements when it comes to managing content on their respective websites. As a long established SEO company, IA SEO acknowledges this and offers customised content management solutions that allow for easy administration of on-site content as well as integration of off-site ones regardless of their size and file type.

Bespoke content management solutions

Whether the website requires a clothing catalogue packed with tons of photographs, or one that facilitates calculation and issuance of insurance, we have the right solutions for you. Partner with us and take advantage of these benefits:

  • Content management solutions are web-based so performing website administrative tasks can be done anywhere and anytime.
  • Our programs have optimised user interface and easy to understand features thus enabling even those without technical savvy to utilise the solution with ease.
  • Sophisticated yet easy to use file manager that facilitates adding, removal, or modification to dynamic media like animations and popup images.
  • Once tedious tasks like checking the existing textual content’s spelling, or changing its font size and colour, can now be automated.
  • The program allows for seamless linking to on-site and off-site content thus making link building a pleasant task.
  • Supports upload of multiple file types on the site. The system can be set to allow website visitors to download said content as well.
  • Allows for quick insertion of codes for off-site multimedia content like videos and interactive maps.
  • Facilitates easy adding of ecommerce tools like shopping carts, online calculators, and third party payment systems.

IA SEO guarantees 100% client satisfaction

We strive to deliver only the best to our clients. We continually develop our software designs and search engine optimisation solutions so that they fit seamlessly into the website and in turn allow it to gain the much needed visibility on search engines.

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IA SEO is Subsidiary of Internet Assist limited, we have over 17 years of search engine optimisation, web design, marketing and corporate design experience with a varied client base. We specialise in HTML, PHP, flash, e-commerce, content managed websites and customised systems that streamline your business process. We have developed our own SEO reporting systems and software to ensure that everything we do is optimised for your benefit.