What is pay per click marketing?

IA SEO is at the forefront of Internet marketing and search engine optimisation campaigns. A long established SEO company, we have helped hundreds of businesses gain the exposure they need on the vast marketplace that is the Internet.

Just imagine how beneficial it would be for your enterprise to have a way to advertise to as many folks as you can online, but most especially to those who are already looking to do business with you. A great way to maximise this is through pay per click marketing.

What is pay per click marketing?

Commonly referred to as PPC marketing, this online marketing model is the opposite of an organic search engine optimisation campaign. With the latter, methods and processes are laid out to encourage web users to “naturally” find the website.

PPC, on the other hand, entails placing paid ads, otherwise known as sponsored ads, on search engine results pages. The PPC marketer pays the search engine every single time a web user clicks on said sponsored ad.

The fee varies though it’s influenced by the keyword’s popularity as well as the number of PPC marketers using said keyword. Typically, the more popular and the more marketers there are vying to use a certain keyword, the higher the fee will be. Marketers normally bid on choice keywords, and whoever bids highest, will have his or her advertisement placed at the top of the sponsored ads page.

Benefits of pay per click marketing

Sponsored advertising can be a boon to your online Internet marketing campaign for a number of reasons.

  • Top ad placement – Businesses that want to instantly appear on the top pages of search engines may do so through PPC marketing without necessarily launching a simultaneous SEO campaign.
  • Targeted traffic – Internet users are quite aware of what sponsored ads are. So when they do click on one, it’s almost certain that they are really looking to purchase the marketed product or service on the sponsored ad, which in turn results in targeted traffic for the website.
  • Better conversion – Because only users with minds set on availing the product or service are ushered to the website via the sponsored ads, each visit is almost always a guaranteed sale.
  • Cheaper – Contrary to popular opinion, PPC can in fact be the cheaper alternative to a full-blown web marketing campaign if utilised cleverly. Because a business needs to pay a very small amount to the search engine only when the sponsored ad is clicked, PPC marketing can then be a viable and sustainable option for a long-term Internet marketing effort.

Let IA SEO manage your PPC marketing campaign

PPC marketing is an ingenious method for marketing any type of product or service. But as with any marketing effort, PPC marketing too is very demanding. Not only will there be the need for tedious keyword research, but managing the campaign overall can be draining and time consuming.

But such won’t be the case when you partner with us. You can make use of IA SEO’s bespoke PPC marketing programs to facilitate and automate select tedious tasks. We can assist in the overall management of your PPC marketing campaign as well to ensure the best possible return on your investment.

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