Benefits of testimonials

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Internet users, especially those who access the web to purchase something, have become wiser and more careful. Many will read through reviews and testimonials first before actually buying something. Though word-of-mouth has taken a different form now that exchange of opinions about products and services are now done on the web, this consumer behaviour is still the most reliable form of marketing.

Back then, testimonials were mostly written content. But with the development of new media came different ways for consumers to deliver their assessment of a product of a service. Now, ingenious marketers utilise videos and even podcasts to spread the good word.

Benefits of testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful tool that should be included in any search engine optimisation campaign because of the numerous advantages they present.

  • Bolsters credibility – Consumers will always consider an enterprise’s reputation before deciding whether or not to support it. Make the most of this behaviour by maximising the use of testimonials. Not only will the business become popular through well placed testimonials, it will establish itself as the leader in its industry, too.
  • Reaches target audience – Diligent consumers are typically those who utilise the internet heavily during the buying process. These folks do look for reviews and testimonials online. Take advantage of this by having well distributed testimonials on reputable sites.
  • Suitable link building practice – Spreading the word about an enterprise through testimonials posted on sites of good reputation helps boost search engine visibility.
  • Word-of-mouth via social media – Millions of web users now spend most of their day logged on to Facebook, Twitter, and even video sharing websites such as YouTube. Imagine just how much it will positively impact your business if testimonials about it get shared on these widely used social media networks.
  • Better conversion – Improved search engine visibility brought about by above-board link building practices, as well as wider and credible word-of-mouth results in better conversion rates.

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