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IA SEO guarantees to deliver the best possible results for your envisioned web marketing campaign. Whether yours is a fledgling enterprise looking to maximise the Internet, or a long established company seeking for a fresher approach to marketing, we have the bespoke solutions for you.

There are thousands of programs that can assist in putting up a website from scratch. More often than not though, these programs require technical proficiency, or are too unsophisticated that they are not capable of putting up feature-rich sites.

What makes up a great website design?

  • Features – A great website should not only be integrated with search engine optimisation but also with crucial features such as content management programs and SEO tracking tools.
  • Usability – Ease of use, especially for the visitors, is essential. Site should be easy to navigate, information should be easy to find, and merchandise or service should be easy to avail from the site. Provisions for cross-browser and cross-device compatibility should be laid out as well.
  • Speed – The proper balance between features and speed should always be considered. There’s no point putting in too many features if these will severely affect the performance of the site, and consequently, the users’ experience as well.
  • Appearance – A catchy look with provision for adding media such as images and videos always works. The layout should take into consideration viewer eye pattern as well as make sure that calls to action are put above the fold.

Benefits of efficient website design

  • Highlights your expertise – The website will be your enterprise’s very own space on the web. Maximise it to fully feature what you can offer.
  • Increased visibility – A well designed and efficiently search engine-optimised site has more chances of garnering organic search results.
  • Better conversion rate – Visitors are more likely to positively respond to your call to action if your website is feature-rich, attractive, and easy to use.
  • Easier maintenance – Routine maintenance will be less tedious if the site has been designed with all the crucial measures and features from the start.

Let IA SEO help you in this endeavour

An SEO company at the forefront of online marketing campaigns, we at IA SEO are here to design your very first website exactly as how you have envisioned it. We have assisted long established companies revamp their online marketing campaigns too. So if yours is an existing website, we can help you give it a fresher and more up-to-date look.

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IA SEO has over 17 years of search engine optimisation, web design, marketing and corporate design experience with a varied client base. We specialise in HTML, PHP, flash, e-commerce, content managed websites and customised systems that streamline your business process. We have developed our own SEO reporting systems and software to ensure that everything we do is optimised for your benefit.

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