What is conversion rate optimisation?

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Conversion, or turning a visitor into a customer, preferably a returning one, is the ultimate goal of any enterprise. Back then, this was easier to accomplish especially for businesses with brick and mortar stores. But with businesses now migrating to the vast marketplace that is the internet, catching the attention of flighty internet users and ultimately converting them to customers is much more difficult to achieve.

What is conversion rate optimisation?

Just like its name implies, conversion rate optimisation, more commonly referred to as CRO, are methods and processes that are set in place to ensure that visitors convert into customers. These methods and processes largely study how the messaging as well as the elements in a website affects the behaviour of visitors. This is done to gather actionable insight on how to further improve the website so that it attracts conversion.

All too often, an enterprise, especially one that is new to marketing on the internet, will only concentrate on its search engine optimisation campaign to generate traffic to its website. No doubt this is essential. However, many will fail to see that raw website traffic numbers are not necessarily closed sales. What is crucial to count is the number of visitors who actually availed of the product or service before checking out, as it is the statistics that is most indicative of the return on investment.

Benefits of conversion rate optimisation

Including CRO in your enterprise’s day to day workflow ushers in these advantages:

  • Review of key website elements – There are various elements on a website that can make or break a sale. For instance, the placement of the shopping cart or the “Buy Now” button actually affects the visitor’s decision. With CRO, every single website element can be examined so that appropriate modifications to the design can be implemented.
  • Insight into your messaging – Messaging is not just about your website’s call-to-action. Messaging encompasses all forms of direct and indirect communication with your targeted audience. Messaging is in the email newsletters and even in your responses to comments on the articles you post. Messaging should be consistent or else your targeted audience will lose trust. Through the help of CRO, you can test the efficacy of these facets of your campaign.
  • Room for improvement – Overall, CRO lets you see which internet marketing methods work and which do not so as to enable execution of needed changes to your web marketing campaign.

How IA SEO can help

IA SEO has been helping businesses of all sizes in their marketing campaigns on the web. Partner with us and we will show you which design and messaging choices will turn those visitor clicks into guaranteed closed sales.

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