Is Geographically Targeting the Whole of the UK Too Much?

IA SEO would like to give a little advice about how to choose ‘the right’ geographical location.

Is targeting the whole of the UK to ambitious to locate your business?

If your business serves all of the UK and beyond then the simple and quick answer to this question is “no”! However if you are a small business wanting to target your local market then you need to be aware of how spending too much time advertising without setting location constraints could be very costly to you and that SEO could end up having a drastic and detrimental effect on your business.

We have come across the situation many times; you have been promised “First Page on Google!” But what does this really mean? Is being first page on Google in Scotland really that great if you are located in Maldon in Essex and have no ability (or time or money) to travel there! This also links back to getting your keywords and phrases accurate as well so that the enquiries you gain are relevant; see the post here.

It is of great importance that you consider your geographical catchment area, especially when travel for you and your clients is important or unavoidable. When you submit your website to Google Webmaster Tools is it a very simple task to locate yourself and connect to Google Places, but it is so often one that is done without enough care and attention to ensure that you are doing the best for your business.

Another question you should also ask is “Do I need to be advertising in my home town or county?” If you are well known or have exhausted local resources then advertising within a 10 mile radius may be just as useless as advertising in an area you are unable to access.

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