Using Chelmsford as Your Nearest City to Locate Your Business SEO

As we know at IA SEO it can be really exciting when you are setting up your new business, registering your new website and designing your logos and branding, but have you stopped to think carefully about your location?

What is the best way to locate your business to get the best from SEO?


  • Village – Accurate positioning on Google maps is important so if you are located in a small village or somewhere more remote then it is even more important to take control and ensure that your location is shown correctly. You can do this by using your Google Account and following the links to Google Places.
  • Town – Like IA SEO your business may be located in a small town, we can be found in Maldon. Although it is a fairly popular destination in Essex there are likely to be many people who do not know where it is and who are not willing to put in effort to find it. The key is to start off with a more general location that a larger catchment area of customers can relate to.
  • City – By using a city as a landmark then there will be an instant recognition. However choosing which city to associate your business with could be just as thought provoking as setting up your business and it helps if you are close to more than one. There are countless surveys to be found on the Internet discussing and ranking the best and worst cities either in the UK or across the world for almost every category you can think of, in no time at all you will know which to avoid and which to best associate your business with.
  • SEO Chelmsford This is the nearest city, by some distance, to IA SEO’s location and has a good reputation for business and trading, if this had not been the case then we may have chose to have a closer association to London instead. By using descriptions of ‘SEO near Chelmsford’ and ’10 miles from Chelmsford’ then we can give our potential SEO customers the ability to locate us with ease. From there they can decide whether they wish to visit or whether dealing with us purely online and by phone is appropriate.

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