What makes a great CMS?

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Creating and managing your website’s content may perhaps be the most challenging and time consuming part of your enterprise’s online campaign. But such won’t be the case when you utilise a content management system (CMS).

What makes a great content management system (CMS)?

  • Easy to use – Not everyone can afford to hire a maintenance staff or has the technical proficiency to utilise content management systems. So it’s essential that the program has usability features such as easy to understand dashboards and optimised user interface.
  • Customisable – Every business owner will have varying requirements. So a program that allows for customising functionalities can be a boon.
  • Feature-rich – The program should provide support for all forms of web content namely textual content, podcasts, videos and photographs. It should also enable creation of catalogues, albums, and various other record-keeping methods.

Benefits of utilising a content management system

  • Security – This program can be configured to contain access control mechanisms thereby protecting a website’s database from virus and hacker attacks.
  • Multiple methods to communicate – With a CMS in place, a website owner can readily implement various ways to communicate with clients such as regular uploading of content, as well as direct sending out of mail blasts and newsletters.
  • Better user experience – Website visitors will find it easier to navigate the website and find information and so will encourage returns and consequently conversion.
  • Better customer service – The program can be configured to enable client communication directly through the website instead of through the business owner’s email. Because this is so, responding to queries and complaints will be quicker and more efficient.
  • Financial stability – Overall, you’ll save money. There will no longer be a need to maintain personnel just to make sure your precious business’ database is protected. And since visitors have better user experience, it won’t be difficult to encourage them to avail of what you’re offering.

Our expertise at your disposal

IA SEO is a leading SEO company with offices in London and Essex. We have a range of proprietary bespoke content management systems which can be readily integrated into your website. We’ve long been in the web marketing arena and we are confident that we can deliver the best content management solutions for your specific requirements.

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