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IA SEO is a committed SEO company that’s at the forefront of online marketing campaigns. Choose us and all your search engine optimisation needs will be taken care of using only the latest in above-board SEO practices.

Conducting an internet marketing campaign is not as easy as you might think. The solutions and strategies have to be concerted to ensure the best possible exposure and visitor-to-customer conversion.

What are optimisation tools?

Optimisation tools, put simply, are methods and practices that boost a website’s rankings on search engine results pages. A properly implemented search engine optimisation campaign results in natural traffic, as opposed to traffic that was garnered via users clicking on paid online advertisements. Some examples are:

  • Website optimisation tools – These are programs that are integrated into the website. Examples are programs that check for the uniqueness of a site’s written content, applications that compare pages within the site to spot similar content, and software that checks for presence of keywords on copy and video and image labels.
  • Keyword tools – There are programs that assist in finding the most popular keywords for specific topics, tools that estimate the possible traffic for a given keyword, and applications that check for the density of keywords in a web page.
  • Analytics tools – These are programs that check for key performance indicators such as search engine page results rankings and quality of internal and external links. Applications that predict the possible page rank of a newly put up website is another example.

Benefits of utilising optimisation tools

Aside from ensuring a website gets high rankings on search engine results pages, use of optimisation tools also deliver a whole range of other advantages.

  • Actionable insight – Because key performance indicators can now be quantified, it will be easier for the business owner to make appropriate decisions. Perhaps the keywords chosen don’t generate as much organic traffic? Then replacing them with more popular ones should be initiated. Maybe a written piece in your site was found to contain plagiarised content? Then expunging it to ensure yours does not get marked down by search engines should be quickly implemented.
  • Automation – All these applications may be configured to your requirements. Because this is so, then there’s less work on your part consequently reducing errors. Take for instance the task of ensuring keyword density. No longer will you need to check line after line of written content just to make sure the keywords are there since the program will already do this tedious task for you.
  • Ease of use – These tools don’t only benefit the website owner and manager. Since there are optimisation tools that facilitate quick online payment, for instance, then they can also help ensure a more satisfying experience for the users.

Our expertise at your disposal

Internet Assist SEO is comprised of search engine optimisation experts. We can provide a whole range of bespoke optimisation tools. And we are knowledgeable in the most effective and the latest in above-board SEO techniques. Partner with us and we can guarantee the quickest and best possible return on your online campaign investment.

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IA SEO has over 17 years of search engine optimisation, web design, marketing and corporate design experience with a varied client base. We specialise in HTML, PHP, flash, e-commerce, content managed websites and customised systems that streamline your business process. We have developed our own SEO reporting systems and software to ensure that everything we do is optimised for your benefit.

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